About Us

Our Vision

Blue Heron Rising is all about learning, helping, and sharing in service to humanity and the world.  

We offer outstanding learning and experiential opportunities for healing, enlightenment, and awakening.   We do this by connecting you and our learned teachers/guides both locally and globally through technology.

We welcome all, and encourage those with wisdom to share to contact us and become an independent contributor using our services.

The Essence of What We Do

Evolution and Involution

Choose to learn more and choose a path and wisdom that will help you, and teach you how to teach and help others.  This practice will teach you an integrated view of the Four Realms of Being - Heart/Body/Mind/Soul. 

You will learn how they all interact and connect within you and specific practices for each one.

Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well-being

In order to be fully in presence and awakened, your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are essential ingredients.  Our lifetimes are an extraordinary opportunity to know and reclaim true self, and deep abiding peace.  

Learn how to achieve this optimal balance as the foundation of all your spiritual path and work. 

Live With Passion, Peace & Purpose

Why did you come here, and what did you hope to learn and accomplish? Once understanding that, how are you going to unwind the scars and illusions of your journey this time, to navigate and find the way on the path of your heart and soul?

We can share with you wisdom and practices that will help you deepen the knowing of you and simple methods to find your way forward.


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